bjj in calabassas california?

i have a conference that i have to go to next month, and i am going to be stuck in malibu/calabassas for two days.  I was wondering if there were any bjj schools there.  i really would prefer no gi, but i do still own a gi, so that could work too.

any help would be appreciated.

Yo dude, come train w/ Brian Peterson and the crew...About a 5 minute drive in Westlake Village, CA. 100% no gi. Me and Brian Peterson are friends w/ Scottie, Bravo, etc...Call Brian up (805-469-2709) or drop me an email.

hank, i will be there at the end of februaury, unless i switch jobs (which is a strong possibility).  i will keep you updated

i didnt realize jj's was so close.

thanks for all of the responses so far.  wow, i didnt realize there was so much jiu jitsu out there