BJJ in Cincinatti

A friend of mine will be living in Cincinatti for a few months this summer. I believe there is a Barra affiliate. Does anyone have contact info? Are there any other schools in the area?

Check-out Jorge Gurgel's school in Middletown,Ohio(about 30 miles north of Cinci). I think there's a summer special going right now.

Go to for more info.

Cut from ZeSaku's post on BJJ Cinci

"Gracie Barra Cincinnati has re-opened and is ready for business. If you live in the greater Cincinnati area, TAKE ADVANTAGE of this great chance to train w/ some of the best bjj guys around. It's cheap, it's no-bullshit, good hard training. The school is right across the river in Covington, KY and minutes away from downtown Cincinnati. It is run by Rob Bihn and Mike Faehr. Rob is one of the most technical and certainly best teachers I've ever had and Mike Faehr is one of the biggest terrors I've ever rolled with. There is class EVERY DAY and the prices are insanely cheap.
For more information email

The academy is equipped to host the best brazilian black belts straight from Gracie Barra to come and stay (right above the academy) in the months to come."

I would say Jorge Gurgel. Full time instruction by BJJ Black Belt, 2 BJJ Browns, very skilled Purples, and a host of TOP FLIGHT Pro. MMA Fighters (including Rich Frnaklin).

But, I am biased:-)

Thanks, guys. I sent all the info to the guy. I think the Barra school is closer to him. He said Jorge is pretty far from him.