BJJ in Cincinnati

Hey guys,

I need your help. I will be moving in less than a month to Cincinnati for work and would like to train in BJJ over there. I know of two schools out there, one is Gracie Barra and the other is with Jorge Gurgel. Does anyone know any other schools around and also if anybody goes to them, can you please describe the classes and the instructors.

Please TTT if you don't know.



If someone goes to Gracie Barra or Jorge Gurgel's school, can you please describe the classes, Thanx in advance

I go to Jorge Gurgel's school and it is awesome. Monday/Wednesday = Gi; Tuesday/Thursday = No-gi; Saturday = Gi or No-gi( I beleive most people do no-gi though). They also have adult thai boxing, kid's jiu-jitsu and women's cardio kickboxing.

Jorge is the best instructor I've seen. Jon Stutzman(black-belt) and Michael Patt(brown-belt) also teach classes. They are also great teachers and fighters.

Classes consist of teaching a technique, drilling that technique then rolling until you want. They change a little before competitions with more line drills and station rolling.

Check out for more info.

I train at the Reed Academy of Martial Arts. It's a school that is affiliated with JJ Machado. It's a JKD school, so you have boxing, thai boxing, etc. The grappling classes usually consist of working on a technique, drilling, then rolling. Charles Reed, the owner, trains directly under JJ Machado. It's a great school. It has BJJ four nights a week.

bemsqua- where is the Reed Academy located at?


Training with Jorge and the rest of the guys is unlike anything else you will find in OHIO!!!
Not only will you learn a tremendous amount about your grappling ability, but you will gain a high level confidence in your abilities. Not to mention a Competitive Edge that is unlike anything else I have been a part of in other sports. The people that train at this (and his other 5 affiliates) are all people that I consider good friends, and some are even like BROTHERS to me! From top to bottom, being a part of Team Jorge Gurgel is a great experience & one you should strongly consider!

Dustin Ware

Team Jorge Gurgel (Columbus, OH)

I have trained with Gurgel and J Raf, that is DEFINITELY the place I would go.

Thanx guys, i will definitely check it out. by the way, does Jorge Gurgel teach full-time in ohio? or does he divide his time between the academies?

he is full time in ohio. and may i add that i also trained with jorge gurgel (even though i am in atlanta with jacare cavalcanti). not only did he change my entire game to make it a bizzilion times more effective but he is also the best sideline coach i have ever seen. if you are planning on competing, jorge is the best.