Anyone know of any BJJ schools in Colombus GA near Ft Benning? Any websites or numbers? Thanks.

Jacare has a branch there, I think... don't know any numbers...


ft. benning has a huge gym there that they use for bjj. however, i don't know how accessible it is to non-army people.

If you are military, there is a gym to train on post. Good variety of personnel and skill levels to train with as well. You can talk to Dave at 706-545-2811 to get specifics (tell him Rob told you to call).

There is also a gym in Phenix City (non-military) run by some of the guys from Benning, and its affiliated with Alliance BJJ.

About an hour south of you in Americus is a school
affiliated with Gustavo Machado.

Thanks! I'm in the military and will check out the training on post. I will be at Ft Benning for a couple of weeks in November and wanted to train. Thanks again!