BJJ in Columbus

If your ever in the Columbus Ohio area and are looking for a place to roll and or train go to: for information.


Jeff Hudson is a Black Belt & has Daniel Moraes Fredson Alves, and MANY other Black Belt champions & browns, purples,blues, wrestlers ect. Stop by all the places & find out where works best for you, Their is another location of Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu on high st. here is their info:
2859 S. High St.
Columbus, Ohio 43207

Oh by the way I bought you the name It's for this site! You did a great job!

How much $$$ per month?

ttt is like $7 a month.


Finally, our own web page, woo hoo!!!

How much to train?

Good luck guys!

first class is free, after that they have very reasonalbe rates depending on how much you train.

GRACIEOHIO.COM is already bought, I hope to see you guys host this site somewhere that can handle lots of traffic, I suggested lunarpages to Robin.

Robin is doing a great job growing our school. Thanks for all of your help Phil. I won't be able to compete in March at the Arnold, but I'll be there to cheer everyone on and will be helping everyone prepare in February.

Oh yeah, new guys, be careful of Ray Blackburn (a.k.a. "Sugar Ray") when you come to train, because he has some of the sweetest submissions known to bjj. Just tap in time and you'll be alright. LOL

There are A LOT of very skilled and quality guys training here and we would be happy to have you new guys join us.

See you guy soon, please put in a request for no snow or cold weather during & before the tournament. I would appreciate this.