BJJ in Denver, CO?

I will be in Denver most of next week. Looking for a friendly place to get some mat time.

In Denver, go to Grappler's Edge. Sheldon Marr the lead instructor of the school is a 6th degree blackbelt in Judo and Jujitsu. Their classes are intense and you spend alot of time sparing ground work and standing. I think the website is

In Boulder, which is about 20 minutes north of Denver. You have Amal Easton who is a black belt under Renzo Gracie. I don't know what his website is, but you can go BJJ.ORG and look up his name--I think that he has his website on their.

I've trained at both schools that MMD mentions.

If you're after pure BJJ then you need to go up to Boulder, it's a great
school with some really good students... as most Renzo affiliations are.

Grappler's Edge is a good school also although it is not pure BJJ. They do
a lot of wrestling and judo also. Plus there are a lot of hotties in the
men's locker room (this is something you need to see for yourself... and
yes, I'm referring to female hotties). So if you're interested in expanding
your ground game beyond BJJ (and we all should be), check this school

If you're after pure BJJ, you probably won't dig Grappler's Edge. Most of
their guys don't have great ground work. They do have sick takedowns,


Hey Ronin, just shoot me a email.

take care

ps:How long you'll be in Denver for?

How good is the boxing program at Grapplers Edge?

Hostile, I'm in Denver now until thur morning. I was thinking on calling the school???

I train at Dave Ruiz's school which is located at Monaco and Evans on the northwest corner. I love it. Dave is a great instructor and the students are very friendly.

Maurico is a very good friend of Dave's. His school is in Westminster which is close to Denver.

By mapquest Zingano is only 25 min away from my hotel

TAFKAS, I imagine the boxing is probably pretty good. When I was training their there several years ago, Sheldon had a professional boxer teaching boxing. They did not have a boxing ring at the time (he may have one now I don't know), but they have plenty of equipment and bags.

One of the things I liked best about training there was we would do take down drills while your opponent tries punch you with boxing gloves.

Sheldon is one of those type of guys who takes what works and adds it. Also he regularly has professionals come and do seminars (BJJ, MMA, wrestling etc.)

Ronin, you can me tomorrow after 3pm or just drop by at the 6:15pm
I'm in LA right now and but I'll be back tomorrow.

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Thanks Mauricio. I was able to train tonight. You got a good group of guys. But the altitude in Denver is a killer!

I'm hoping to be able to train again Wednesday night.


BJJ Boulder,

in denver - dave's is the best, hands down -

grapplers edge guys arent good on the ground - they have good wrestlers - but sheldon has very little if any bjj knowledge -

high altitude is nate marquarts school - good no gi, but more focus on mma

boulder is too far imo, but a great school - i would only go saturday on open because of the drive - and i lived downtown

lots of good guys to roll with at colorado bjj, dave is one of the best teachers i ever had (and I had tons of world champ teachers) - PLUS, once you are concidered a member, there is a guy who gives out free 24 hour fitness memberships to people he likes -

BTW - I'm a brown belt under dave, but np longer live in CO.

Sounds good Philip, I'll be there on Wednessday.

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I have trained at Dave's school a few times (the drive is too long) and can vouch for him being a great teacher and his school being a friendly place. 

Sorry I was a no show on Wedenesday night. Work went long and late. Next time I'm out that way I'll definately try to visit again.