I'm looking for BJJ acdemy in Japan,Osaka e Kobe.
Any site???

Thank you for any help.

Is this Marcus? I am sure you dont remember me but my buddy
Carter and I used to train at BHJJ back around maybe '98 or '99
under Ethan. My name is Ira. Anyway, I have been living in Osaka
for the last 2 years. I have not heard of a pure BJJ academy in
Osaka, but I vaguely recall hearing of something in Kobe.
However there might be some low key schools around. Also, I
think a BJJ colorbelt maybe purple, his name is Murata, teaches BJJ
classes at Shooting Gym Osaka (Juntaro Nakao teaches shooting
there). Here is the site:

Also, Mishima's Gym in Osaka, Cobra Kai, offers BJJ classes

Both sites are in Japanese but maybe u can get the basic idea.
This is what I came up with quickly, but maybe someone else who
knows more will post. If I find out anyting else I will let u know.

I hope things are going well with your school. Take care

Hi Ira!!!

I'm going to Kobe next saturday and I will be a judge at Inoki's event.

I will love to teach some seminars in Kobe or Osaka.

See what you can do for me.

I may can get a ticket for you to Inoki's event.Do you want to go???

My e-mail is

Take care

Marcus Vinicius


Hi, my name is Hody. We have never met but I saw your post and I train at Shooting Gym Osaka. Unfortunately, your timeing is not good. Most gyms in Japan will be closing for a week or so for New Years. Actually, a lot of businesses will also close during this time. I believe Shooting Gym Osaka will be closed from the 29th to the 3rd or 4th.

Itchaku Murata is a purple belt and he teaches once a week at STG Osaka. Even though we are an official Shooto gym, we have BJJ classes with Itchaku on Mondays and on Fridays it either open BJJ mat time or the Head of STG Osaka Fukuoka sensei will teach BJJ.

Basically, most Shooto gyms and clubs X-train in BJJ now, but very few of them have black belt instructors.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at

Best regards,