BJJ in Memphis?

Does anyone know if there's BJJ or any other martial art worth taking in Memphis?

Memphis is full of good places to train.

Johnathan Boarder

Jeff Mullins

Dave Ferguson (even though dave was mean and said ugly untrue things about Andre's seminar : ( )

all 3 are top notch guys


Check out

thats what i mean, i get on and answer a question being positive about all the schools there, since they are all quality, and somebody has to come on and and put the others down. NO ITS NOT THE BEST HANDS DOWN, they are all good and all run by competent instructors.


I hear Memphis Judo and Jiujitsu's Judo instructor is only a beginning grappler. :)


Thanks PinkSinglet and others.

My non-BJJ friend is going to visit Memphis and wanted to know where to train. He'll have a lot of fun checking our your recommendations.


Our school is always open to visitors and anyone interested in BJJ, Muay Thai, Submission Wrestling or Judo. Feel free to visit for class times and any additional info.

David Ferguson
Memphis Judo & Jiu-Jitsu


Please tell me what I said about Andre. Again nothin' but respect man. I am hurt by this, my pink friend :(