BJJ in Myrtle Beach??

Anyone know of BJJ schools in Myrtle Beach. Will be there for a week and would like to get some mat time in.


I am Jay Dennis, 3rd degree Brown Belt under Relson Gracie. I have classes in Georgetown, Conway and Myrtle beach. Call me @ 843-240-3714 for class times and locations.

Jay, how long have you been a brown belt? I think as long as I've been on the forum!!

Thanks Jay, I will be calling you this week. I am a purple belt under Jorge Gurgel. I appreciate the chance to train while I am down there.

You know, I really dont remember how long I have been a brown belt, maybe 2 years? I had another screen name before that, so its hard to say, I dont really keep up with it. I am really trining hard now, as I have had some inquires about fighting MMA from some promoters. I train some pro fighters, and thank god none of them have lost yet and I have some more promising guys coming up in the next 3-6 months. I dont do much J Jitsu tournies anymore, I won or placed in enough of them and now want my new guys to get the chance, but the MMA thing has really sparked my interest lately(maybe because father time has called a few times and left a few messages), my style is much like that of Phil Cardella.


dvannest, I hope you had a great time @ shanes while you were here and come back whenever you want. Jamie Toney came down here last year as well.

Jay, I will probably be stopping in a Shane's on Saturday to train. Been getting some much needed rest so far while I have been down here.

BTW thanks for forwarding me Shane's number. I spoke to him Monday and he was really cool and look forward to training with him.

no problem