Bjj in Orange, NSW?

I will be around those parts also.

Well good luck out there. Might have to drive to Penrith.

 I'm in Parkes. Give me a yell if you want a roll.

There were some guys training in Bathurst, but I've not seen or heard anything from them in six months.

How far is Parkes to Orange?

 One hour. A very short distance out here.


Yeah You could take a can of deoderant and not have to shower before you set out for home :)

There is always the option of Lithgow , Brad "Labrador" Morris and my svelte self live out here and always are in for a training session.

^^^ good to know. THanks.

Brad - cant PM you here. Thanks for the invite, a few times a year i'm in country NSW, and have found it hard to find some places to roll. Usually there are just the Karate academies... or the local pubs!