BJJ in S A N D I E G O ?

I will be in San Diego on thursday, friday and saturday... I will leave o sunday morning.

Do you guys know any BJJ academy where I could go to work out a little bit and have some fun ?

PS: If you guys pass by Indiana in the future everyone will be very welcome in my academy.

Thanks, I apreciated your time reading this thread.

Marcello C. Monteiro

There's so many BJJ academies to choose from, depends on where you're staying or if you have transportation or not. Here's a few on the top of my head;

-Rodrigo Medeiros in Pacific Beach
-Roy Harris
-Fabio Santos
-City Boxing downtown and Pacific Beach
-Joao Cunha in Ocean Beach
-Odie Neto
-Dean Lister in Chula Vista
-Carlos Valente
-Marcelo Pereira in Del Mar (30-45 min. north of downton SD)
-Nelson Monteiro

And the list goes on and on. But the ones listed above are the closest from downtwon SD. Hope that helps!


I would be honored if you came to my Saturday class in San Diego!

Directions can be found here:

And here's a short video clip:

We're in a beautiful facility, have a great group, and I am certain you'd
have a good time!


Roy Dean

Roy, I LOVE that video for your school. Awesome.

Hands down... Rodrigo Medeiros!

that video, and Mr. Roy Dean, both ROCK!

Thanks guys!

Hey Roy... I apreciated it.

I will arrive tomorrow in San Diego...

I still dont know about my schedule during this trip but I will pass by your academy... I took a look at the schedule in your website I will pass by your academy tomorrow night or saturday...

My cell phone number is 317-5385593

Probably my cell phone number will be off tomorrow during the day ( will by in the airplane),but can you call me tomorrow to leave a message on my cell phone number with your number ?


Marcello C. Monteiro

Vanessa Smith will be traveling with me, do you have girls training BJJ in your academy also ?

She is blue belt and a really good BJJ player also...

I will call you and leave a message. And I'll make sure we have a good
female for your student to train with!


sorry to get off topic, but do you have a release date in mind for the Chess on The Mat 2 DVD? I believe it was a seminar De La Riva had months ago. Thanks!