BJJ in South Atlanta (Clayton Co.)

Are there any BJJ schools in south Atlanta? I live off 75s just below 285. What are my closest options for training?

byron stone has a school in griffin which is just a little ways south of you. call up alliance bjj at 4048430606, ask for me (chris) and i will help you out.
by the way we also have a school very close to downtown atlanta that would also be a good option for you.

LA Boxing has 3 locations in Atlanta. Our Mid-town location will probably be the best on for you. Call 678-702-0381. or look us up in the web.

by the way, i didn't mention that jacare' is the main instrutor at both locations and personally teaches all the classes.

hey, i know that you are picking a fight here. the point that you are tring to make here is that Steve Headden does not teach every singly BJJ class, like Jacare. but we do have high leve belt teaching all of our classes. Steve travels between all of the schools to teach, but he is mainly at out Kennesaw location. So we have to rely on our other qulified instructor to teach.
both school have great instructors. don't get me wrong, i still like training under Steve Headden and the rest of the la boxing crew, but i incourage you to go to both schools, try a class and see who YOU like training with the best. that is the only way to find out who is the best instructor, personly speeking. last, what ever you do, don't let the smak talk between the school sway your opinion.

your best bet is in fact go to to as many schools as you can and see which one you personally like the best.

tonja, ich habe kein problem mit steve oder die andere "echte" kaempfer, die fuer la boxing unterrichten. ich wollte nur jacare's name stellen (das hab ich vorher vergessen), damit die leute, die dieses Thread lesen, wuerden wissen, dass er hier ist. Meiste Leute kennen ihn, die jiu jitsu machen.

c'mon... english please!

Du sprichst deauch! Kenne ich sie? Ich auch habe kein problem jacare. ich habe gedacht, das du wollest stellen das der jacare war besser drum er unterrichet aller seiner classen, und der steve ist nich so gute,drum er hatte ander lernern unterrichern seiner classen. ich habe das gedacht, durm was allen sagen auf der iscf website. tute mir leid. (kannst du sehen das ich habe mein deauch nicht geubt!) biss spater.

Schiesse, nit so viel teuschen, leute, wolle mall alle vergisse

I visited LA Boxing. I enjoyed the class, but I was quite turned off by the way they answered my questions about monthly fees. I just wanted a sheet with the rates on it so I could take it home and think about it. Instead, they told me we had to discuss the options in the back office. I think the guy there must have had experience selling cars, because that is exactly the feeling I got- like I was negotiating to buy a car. When I told the guy I was not, under any circumstances, going to sign up that night, he said "Okay, just let me introduce you to Joe Bob (I forgot his real name) in case I am not here when you get back." Then Joe Bob comes in and in his attempts to get me to sign up that day, offered me a 'special' rate. Well, the problem was, his special rate was $20 higher than the 'special' rate the first guy quoted me! They need to get it together if they are going to play that game. That was pitiful. If they just decided on a fair rate to charge everyone - like Mr. Camden and Jacare do - then I would be much more likely to sign up. I really got the impression that they did not care at all about me being happy with my training beyond that night - all they wanted was my signature on the contract so that I would be obligated to pay for two years.

do you happen to know if the contracts at LA Boxing cover classes at just one school or all 3? btw, which location was this at?

This was at the midtown location, but they did mention if you sign up for one you can train at any of their locations.

man, if they are doing that like the car sales in the manner that you stated, call the secretary of state or some shit.... that must be illegal. Its a bunch of bullshit.... these hard core sales. It pisses me off completely. I know that these people need to make money but damn, they need to go through some type of negotiation seminars or something. O and alliance bjj would never do that to you in my opinion. I have never really felt threatened by anyone in there. It is somewhat less pressure cooker i would say