BJJ in the Dominican Republic?...

I will be there from November 18-28. Phone Post

delicious bass -  I will be there from November 18-28. Phone Post
Where in DR?  Here's a place in Santo Domingo

I was there December 2010

Very nice facility, probably the best looking facility i've been to.  it was hard to find the place and i only got to train once there (i got sick the last couple of days I was there).

I'll be in the north I guess. Surfing mostly. Phone Post

Did someone light up the batsignal...?

On the North Coast, specifically in Cabarete (just outside of Sosua, about 15 mins from POP airport and 30 mins from Playa Dorada) is Jiu Jitsu de la Costa, a Yamasaki affiliate. (FYI, the gym in Santo Domingo is also an affiliate -- I train at both)

The head instructor is Yamasaki Black Belt Tomas 'Papo' Sone

Yours truly is the assistant instuctor.

If you'll be surfing, you'll most likely be at Encuentro Beach, where our purple belt Chino gives lessons.

All this to say that drop us a line and we'll hook you up!

Facebook: Jiu Jitsu de la Costa

Don't PM me, I never check the PMs on this board, but if you can't find out facebook page, check back here and I'll put up some telephone numbers.

You need to talk to JoeCanada (I think). He'll probably see this and reply. He's got the connections in Cabarete. Search for DR threads on here and I'm sure you'll find him. Have fun at Encuentro and have a fatty sandwich for me at the Jesus Cabaret cart. Watch out for domino sharks. Holy cow I miss that place.

Seconds late. I hope to get down there to see you soon. I had no idea you were down there when I last visited Cabarete.

I'm always here! The few times I'm not in Cabarete, I'm in Santo Domingo, but my evil minions are always at your service!

I made a reservation at the hotel in Cabarete. I'll probably mostly be surfing as my 9-5 is training and teaching bjj here in new york at Marcelo's school. Phone Post

Wait! you're the guy who contacted us a few weeks back!

I have to laugh at you even dreaming of not coming in for a roll. All our guys have standing orders to kidnap anyone with cauliflower ears. There's no escaping us!

Just ask Frank Trigg. He thought he'd pop into town for a couple of days this week all incognito-like, and then BAM!!! Kidnapped!

Let me know if you need a pick-up at the airport or anything. If not, I'll see you at the hotel.




Lol Phone Post

Delicious Bass dropped in today for an informal class.

He's promised to come by tomorrow as well and share more of what he's learned.

He gave me a few pointers on the 1/2X which were spot on.

Surfing tomorrow AM, then BJJ, then a nap, then playing with the kids, then going out to watch the UFC at a bar on the beach. Rough life down here...


Why hello, old thread! Not sure why you're bumped, but welcome back!

Joe canada,
I haven't been to the DR in long time but this just makes me want to go more. My wife is from little ole Savana de la Mar. Not close to u but I would definitely make time to go up the road, train and explore El Norte. Quizás nos vemos primo.

Judo Killer

I'm hoping to get back later in the year for a few days. Phone Post 3.0

Awesome! We'll look forward to having you!


joe canada - what are we talking about for a vacation to the DR?

what is the price range for someone who will be bringing a wife and two kid?

i abhor the idea of going to disney or the typical trip. i can't afford to take the whole family to Greece as the boys are too young to appreciate it. something like the DR or Costa Rica sound good, but w/ the option of good bjj to try out while i'm there, DR sounds like a better option.