BJJ in Windsor

Have a friend going to school in Windsor who is looking for a BJJ club. Anyone???

i am pretty sure windsor is a hole. i could be wrong tho.

No Bjj in Windsor there is a Judo club thats really good, sorry don't know the name. Other than that you would need to head to Detroit for Bjj/Grappling.

I think Furukawa Judo is the name of the club.

There was a Judo guy at the OSWI from windsor. i am not sure of the club though

Sobe is correct, and i reffed some matches of their's, and they were slick on the ground.

Found this on the Judo ontario site

Contact Person : Dr. Marcel Dagenais

Club Address: 360 Eugenie St. East #202 Windsor, ON N8X 2Y1

Tel: 519.250.9790

Email Address :

I'm from Windsor and I can substantiate most of those claims:

-Windsor is a hole, but it does have a charm all its own.

-There is a great Judo club there, called the Furukawa Judo Club, at which I used to cross-train. Very talented guys and very interested in ground work, as well as very capable. As mentioned above, Mike Nomikos (sp?), from Furukawa, fought in the last OSWI.

-There is no bjj there presently (to my knowledge), but if your friend has a car, he has the following options: 1) he can go to Detroit. There are some great clubs over there (Gomez Academy, Metro Fight Club, East West, etc). I trained at Gomez for just under two years. He is great, very technical, and runs a good club with lots of talent. 2) One of my club mates from Gomez runs a karate school in (I think) Kingsville, Ont. He was a blue when I was at Gomez, but I think that he's a purple belt now. He teaches grappling/bjj at his club.

I will be back in Windsor over the holidays (26th to 3rd) if your friend wants to email me or get together (beer or coffee will do) and ask about the Bjj/grappling scene. I have a lot of friends who still like to train, they might be interested in getting a group together.

Hope all this helps,



When I lived in Windsor, I trained at Dave Gomez Academy in Southgate, MI. He is at least a brown belt under Rorion (I think). Although Windsor is a shit hole, Erie Street (Spago) has kickass Italian food and Bubbys has the best burger Ive ever eaten bar none.

I will be in Windsor area during the Holidays and wouldn't mind training. Purple under Ze Mario Esfiha. Let me know if you want to train.

Vince 905-328-1761 cell