BJJ Instructor Still Needed

      We're still in need of a qualified BJJ instructor to teach children and adult classes at a fully equipped martial arts school & gym facility in New Orleans,Louisiana.We now have our NHB coach named Warren Donnely training our NHB "Team Anaconda", but are still looking for a BJJ instructor to teach gi-classes. No money is needed down, just an honest instructors looking to develop a Brazilian Ju-Jit-Su program, plus organize and teach classes for a self defense curriculum.

    Willing to sublease, do a limited partnership, or just teach evenings at the gym. The entire gym has a total area of over 9000 sq ft with 3 separate workout areas: the Boxing and Kickboxing rooms have over 20 heavy bags, pole bags, and speed bags along with 2 boxing rings;the jujitsu room has a 1500 sq ft. matted area.

    The gym also has 2 apartments, a fighters dorm ,a bunk room, a free weight room, selectorized machines,tanning rooms, men & women's lockers and showers,and a kitchen & juice bar along with a full restaurant and bar just below the gym where weekly amateur fights take place every Friday night.

    Besides instruction,we can find you work here in New Orleans, Louisiana or we also have work in our restaurant and bar business, security business, along with the fight promotions that we do on a monthly basis called the "Battle of New Orleans".On the promotional side we need help in matchmaking, marketing, and sales!!! We are looking for individuals interested in company growth not a free ride, and live the martials arts. Should have computer and marketing skills for the fight promotions,SPEAK ENGLISH AND NO BAGGAGE.

     Anyone qualified and interested in relocating to New Orleans, Louisiana and instructing BJJ & Self Defense please e-mail Or call 504-888-6451. Living quarters at the gym.A Martial Artist's dream!! Serious inquiries only!!

Are any of your guys coming to the Texas Submission Challenge on May 29th in Dallas

popeye e-mail me all your info with your name,


The absolute best BJJ instructor that I know of who is still possibly looking for work is Ricardo "Ica" Medina.

Ica was the first Mexican black-belt in BJJ and has taught off and on for Rigan's school in Los Angeles.

Seriously, contact him there:

(310) 371 - 5441 (Voice)
(310) 371 - 6608 (Fax)

IMHO Ica has a half-guard game that is seriously second to NONE. He is one of the most technical instructors I have ever worked with.



Do you have another number for Medina?

damn dude why is it so hard for you to find someone are all the guys that lazy? sounds to me like you have a hell of a setup.

we need a BJJ instructor soon

Ica is in Los Angeles RIGHT NOW. You can get a message to him at Rigan's school.


Sorry, I don't feel comfortable giving out his personal number here.

I left a message for him but he has not responded.

Joe, I had spoken to you back in December, but some things came up in my personal life. I was also in Atlanta last month at Brett Moses' card (my guy fought Andy Foster). I wouldn't be able to train permanently, but would like to get down to work my standup. I would be happy to teach classes while I'm there. I just received my brown belt from Helio Soneca (Gracie Barra). If you are interested, give me an email or call.
Casey Oxendine/Gracie Barra ETSU

Do you want to move to Louisiana? I hear Joe has a great school; probably the best in LA. We need someone in Baton Rouge.

casey, call me at 504-888-6451 maybe you can come down for the summer



I am originally from New Orleans and come back there occasionally. I would like to have a gym where I could work out. Where is your school? Do you have any guys who do BJJ? I am a purple belt in Philadelphia and my brother (also a purple belt) and I travel to NO to see family and friends every once and a while. Speaking of which, tell Warren Donnely that Ray & Ron Huxen say hi. We are old college friends. Please gives us some info about your school, we are very interested in stopping by.

Ron Huxen