BJJ Instructors in Illinois

How would I find access to BJJ Instructors in Illinois, specifically living in Central Illinois? With the population base growing, I would think that there would be some people who have trained at other places in the country who now live in the area.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

where in central illinois?

ttt for the Mcvicker Team

for some nhb try

i dont know where he is exactly but Jeff Curran

Definately would prefer someone from McVickers if possible. I'd love to get someone to teach in Bloomington at least twice per week. The key is obviously their flexibility with their schedule but the priority would be someone associated with McVickers, if not, whatever else any of you would consider the next/best option.

Thanks in advance!


I have a school in peoria under Jack and Megs.
Brad Peplow

Hey Brad,

I've heard great things about you from Ryan, Billy Stamp, Kyle Watson, and others. What I'm looking for is someone willing to commute to Bloomington a few days per week as I just opened a gym there. If you ask any of them, they'll tell you about me and my facility. My first priority is to get someone within your network if at all possible. Any help you could provide in getting the word out would be greatly appreciated!

Doug Sutton
309-261-0331 -cell

I enjoyed the link to your website! It's always nice to see like minded people out there as I myself look at life in a different way and have studied with and under a lot of great individuals regarding philosophies of the mind.

Again, the key for me is finding someone who lives in the Bloomington/Normal area who can teach a few days a week. Thanks for the link!

Brad Peplow is a bad man on the mats, fantastic jiu-jitsu.