BJJ/MMA - Collingwood, ON area?

I'm gonna be up there for a week ... and if I have any sober time I might be interested in some training. Anyone know of a good place (or just a place) to train in that area?

There are no real BJJ/MMA schools in Collingwood. A place called Barton's has TJJ/kickboxing. There MIGHT be a judo place. There is a place in Owen Sound, but it's not very big or established(or true BJJ) and is a fair distance from Collingwood.

Basically, I wouldn't bother if I were you

lol@maz and his wishful thinking... ;)

..sorry to laugh maz, but I just had to. The closest
to there would either be Orillia or maybe Borden, (but
Borden's just north of T.O.)there's a judo club there.

There should be at least a judo club up that way
(Collingwood or Penetanguishene), there used to be one
near Wasaga Beach, but it folded years ago.

Thanks anyway Peare and Wayne.

Looks like there won't be any sober time then.