BJJ/MMA Instructor wanted Australia

We are a successful Martial Arts academy in Australia that is looking for a BJJ/MMA Instructor to help grow our organisation. The successful applicant must have strong communication skills be reliable and have a passion for coaching and helping others achieve their goals.

Job Description

• Full-time position (40 hours/week)
• Teach 18-20 group classes per week. BJJ and MMA.
• Private lessons according to demand
• Assist in with in-house competitions
• Assist our team in competitions
• Coach and corner MMA fighters.


• BJJ Black Belt
• MMA Coaching experience. Fight experience a bonus
• Wrestling knowledge preferable but not a must.
• Punctual and Responsible.
• English fluency a must.


• Generous starting monthly base salary and 401K/Superannuation.
• Performance and longevity-based incentive salary structure.
• Potential for significant additional income from private lessons.
• Australian working visa will be organized.
• Annual paid vacation and all public holidays.

Please email Jeff at with your resume, references and any highlight reels if you have them.

Where are you located?

From the title I was expecting another Hermes Franca incident when I clicked on it. Glad it is something else!

We are in Melbourne.

My resume, kind sir:

I am 'Murican
Brown belt in Judo
I am efficient at fn bitches and makin money
I love bacon
I DO NOT hit mitts everywhere I go.

Do I qualify? ;) Phone Post 3.0

Can this job be held for me. I just need a few more years as I am a purple belt atm. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the response so far guys. We have had some interest from England, Europe, Canada and the States. If there is anyone else that might be interested please contact me as we will starting some more formal phone/ Skype interviews in the next week once all resumes have been received.