BJJ near Machida?? PLZ HELP ME!! must train QQ

I came to go to school in Machida and I am desperately trying to find a BJJ near to my school(Obirin University). I currently am in Sagamihara, but I probably will be by Machida most of the time. Anyone got some advice for me???!??!?!

I lived in Japan a couple of years ago. (about five stops south of you in Minami Rinkan) I am not sure that there are any BJJ places in Machida. There are a couple in Tokyo. I trained a few times at Kz's Factory. It is where Rumina Sato trains. There are grappling classes and MMA. It is located a FAR walk from the Chuo Rinkan stop on the Odakyu Enoshima Line.

How much was it to train at K'z factory and what times do they offer classes at?

Rumina Sato doesn't train at K'z Factory anymore,..he's still with them but he has his own gym in Odawara now called ROOTS. It's real easy to find, it's just across the road from the Odawara station. He's also known to train with the guys from STG in Yokohama.

Also,..Paraestra Hachioji is probably your best bet for close BJJ,..and great teachers. It's a straight line too from Machida to Hachioji on the YOKOHAMA/NEGISHI line.

Hope this helps out mate.

- Juggs

It really does thanks a lot probably going to check it out later on this week. Appreciate the help!

I just posted more on your other thread.