BJJ Now In Newark, OH

Annarino's Karate School has just added a jiu-jitsu program to their class list. it meets every tuesday and thursday from 6:30pm-8:00pm. the classes will be taught by Robin Geiseler/Relson Gracie 4th degree purple belt Rahman Jamaal Howard. Rahman is a two time medalist at the Pan-Ams of jiu-jitsu. both medals were won in the adult purple belt division( bronze in 2006 and gold in 2007). He also wrestled for Ohio University.

Rahman also trains with his close friend Jorge Gurgel and also has studied jiu-jitsu directly under Fabio Clemente and Marcelo Garcia.

You can get further information concerning the programs offered by Annarino's Karate School at:

Jamaal used to kick my ass at Studio X. Really good barra pass.

is that ari from madison, wi? if so what's up brah! hows life in the City treating you. you have no idea how much i miss NYC and training at Studio X with the boyz. Fabio is an amazing instructor. truly a hidden gem. and marcelo is...well he's marcelo lol.

Waveman thanks for the kind words brah! will you be making the journey out to Mundials this year? please say no because you made my life hell for 7 minutes. you have a great guard brah!

to all in the newark area please check it out. im really looking forward to sharing the knowledge that i have gained from 25 years of grappling...damn that makes me sound old.

yeah dude. its me. and that does make you sound old. 25 years of grappling is a lot.

I didn't realize this was you right away. Talking about you in the 3rd person, my B.

Come back soon dude, and teach me how to stop the f-ing pass!

good to heard from you ari. nah that wasnt me initially. mi chica posted and wrote that for me. im not cool/bad ass enough to talk in the 3rd person yet. i need more training first. but she did a decent job without sounding to over the top.

im planning to spend a week in august at Studio X to help get ready for Mundials. i was goint to try to make it a month, but i took on this newark, oh venture.

you were starting to figure out the pass already so thats why i moved back to ohio from NYC. without that i had nothing for you so i figured it would be better to move than to have to constantly tap brah!

ttt for Rahman!

I think you're cool enough to talk about yourself in the 3rd person if it makes you feel any better. I still remember the first time I rolled with you at Jorge's old gym and couldn't believe how badly I was getting worked by another whitebelt. Little did I know haha.

ttt for Rahman.

ahh the notorious white belt i used to wear... i still break that bad boy out from time to time. i only had to wear it 3 months before relson gave me my blue so i figure i still need to get some use out of it lol!