BJJ schools in Suffolk County?

Hey what's up everyone - haven't been around for a year or so. Got a new job in Suffolk County and I live way the hell out east (around exit 62 on the LIE, for your New Yorkers). I'm waiting on a partially torn achilles to heal, but then I want to get back into training. Does anyone know any good BJJ schools out here (preferably Renzo affiliated)? Thanks!


serra jiu jitsu in huntington - i live out east as well and it is well worth the drive

Kioto has a school in Pt. Jefferson I believe. I trained there a few years ago and they're top notch. Master Mansour is the highest ranking BJJ instructer in the country outside of the Gracie family. 6th Degree under Helio. for more info.


D'arce has a school in farmingville off of portion Road.

He's a Renzo black belt dude!

That's cool, I didn't know DRC has his own school - Farmingville is close to me. Anyone know his number (or e-mail?)


i just moved my school to bayshore this month.


Shaz bro, me lives near Exit 62 also. One place I can tell you which is awesome is Milton Regis school. He is a Mansur black belt. He is Mansur's nephew and has been training over twenty years. Awesome guy, awesome class. He really is awesome, you learn learn learn and learn there. He never stops teaching and always makes you deomnstrate the moves in front of him until there perfect. His class is tough physically. To tough for me right now. I am too out of shape and need to lose weight first before I start training again. His webadress is a little different then Manur's check him out at

DRC is awesome too.

Serra Jui Jitsu ,, W> Jericho Tpke Huntington train w/
Matt Serra UFC Fighter REnzo Gracie Black Belt Belt
Nick Serra UFC fighter Black Belt
Joe Scarola Blackbelt, undefeated mma,
Tom Muller Ring of combat heavyweight champion
Peter Drago undefeated mma ,

Best place on long island top notch instructors that teach the class. Matt and Nick are always there.They have been there for a while. The school has a half cage. Seminars from Renzo, Carlos Gracie, etc. And you wont find cooler people to train from top to bottom there is no headcases in the place. 2 classes a day 12-3 and 6:30 -?{ have left after 11 many times}

If you're in suffolk, definitely check out D'Arce's school.. he's a great teacher, and on a different level on the ground. Also there's a lot of tough guys to work out with.

go to and check it out

all classes at the serra academy are taught by either Matt or Nicky Serra both Black belts under Renzo Gracie.

Shaz - I live out by exit 62 as well - and the Serra academy is only a 25 minute drive from there - definitely worth the drive

the training is top notch and u get to train with talented fighters and atmosphere is great - very friendly and family like -

i travel from mineola to huntington, well worth the drive!!!


its a store front. i just wanted to be closer to home since i live in brentwood. the adress on the website is updated i just have to update the scedule. My e-mail adress is on the site as well if you want to drop me a line for further info.


I trained with Matt and Nick for a few years - when they had the school in Babylon and also the new place on Hempstead Turnpike. Once I heal up I'll check everything out. Thanks for all the great responses!