Bjj speed

Ok so lately Ive been kind of slacking off when it comes to bjj, but Ive been watching a lot of Judo videos. One thing that I notice is that Judo seems to be a must faster moving sport than bjj, well at least sometimes. Obviously we have bjj guys who are very quick moving and aggressive. However, I have a question for people who study Judo and bjj.

Do you find that because of your Judo the speed of your bjj game is much faster? How does Judo play in with the speed of your bjj game?


What I mean is that you people who have done both judo and then moved over to bjj or done bjj and then added judo to it, do you find your game becoming fast paced because of the fast paced nature of judo? 77 views, someone must have an opinion on this.


Speed isnt that important in BJJ since the objectives are different. In my opinion, control and base should be focussed on instead.

The BJJers I know that are former judo players have really tight games with strong base and excellent grips.

I personally find it much more difficult to deal with strenght and size than speed.

Well, in judo you have a limited time to get a sub or pin. It is pretty frustrating going from BJJ to Judo.

I think the speed of a Bjjer's game varies from player to player.

Generally larger Bjj player's are going to have a much slower game whereas the smaller ones are going to have a much faster game when compare to each other.

I think the same can be said about Judo.

I think when comparing Judo to Bjj in regards to the speed of the game I think judo is faster partly because of the rules but also Judo, as well all know, has a strong emphasis on the standup game and standup, if it is effective can't really be done slowly.

This is true for boxing, wrestling, muay thai. Any martial art that involves fighting from the standup position must involve some speed of movement.

Generally fighting on the ground is much much slower than fighting standing uo ALTHOUGH I've seen some bjj competitors who have a very fast pace ground game (but their speed on the ground still doesn't much the speed needed for standup in my opinion).

Shaolin Riberio, Leo Viera, and even Dan Camarillo are some Bjj competitors that have a fast pace game. Even though Dan is also a Judo player I think the reason why his game is fast is most because of his physical size and agility. If you have a body type built for speed and the coordination (and dexterity) to move and change position easily and quickly then I think you'll naturally have a game which leans toward speed.

m.g. you think Shaolin has a fast paced game? I think that he's a powerful but methodical grappler. He takes his time, especially when compared to Leo Viera.

It all depends... But yes, in Newaza you have to move very fast in Judo.

I've always maintained that the BJJ game is slower than that of Judo. "Slower" doesn't mean any worse or less effective, just played at a different pace. The differences in the rules, both in terms of time limits, penalties and grips all contribute to this difference.


I think Shaolin's game is face pace compare to other bjjer's. Also have you ever seen Shaolin and Viera battle? Their battles are extremely fast pace. It seems that Shaolin's game is able to keep up with Leo's fast pace.

Anyway as fast pace as Newaza is in judo and as fast pace as it can be in Bjj it will never be as fast pace as the stand-up aspect of judo (or boxing, wrestling etc). The very nature of groundfighting and stand up is what makes the latter rely on speed and explosiveness for more than the former.

You can't do throws, takedowns or even strikes slowly.

Judo matches - 4 minutes

BJJ - 7, 8, 9, and 10 minutes

Both Dan and Dave Camarillo have a fast paced game and yes Judo is a much more brutal and faster sport as far as pace and injury goes. Dan used to say that when he was still heavy into Judo he would just wear down his opponents because he was able to go for hours on end. The reason they are so quick is that they have both been trained since they were very young and their bodies muscle mass has adapted so well through the years. I train with Dan and let me be the first to say that the guy never lifts weights and is still ripped like he works out 6 hours a day. He also Eats like 8 times a day. Maybe it has to do with the fact that their metabolism is freaking off the charts.

mg, I know that Shaolin can move fast and scramble quickly when he needs to but I don't find his overall pace that quick. He doesn't play fast from his guard. When passing he maintains a slow pace until he get his grips. I've seen some of his matches with Viera and I think they say more about Viera's pace rather that Ribeiros. Also, I didn't find Shaolins speed to quick in the Pro-ams or Arnolds.

Well in general I think bjj is a much slow pace game then stand up.