BJJ & Supplements

Hey all,
I was wondering what you(fellow BJJer's) guys use as supplements to your training. What kind of supplements(name of co.) and why do you take these? I'm currently in the market for some good supplements to help increase and keep lean muscle mass and fat loss supplements. And other supplements for endurance. So just shout out and let me know what you supplement with.


l glutamine for muscle recovery.
protine. if your not geting enough but in grappling less protine, sugar,and dairy products, is better because of acid buildup.

everything else should be used only after these supplments

by the way i was curious to now what you are trying to achive with using the suppliments.

muscle gain, strength etc.................

I supplement my grappling with 3 miles of road work daily. Works wonders for cardio.

Also, protein powder (Designer protein) after rolling and after weights.

I wanna gain weight(muscle weight that is, not fat weaight). I also wanna keep my body from feeling like it needs to catch up with me. I know rest is number one in recovery, but it's like you have the gas to keep going but your body is just trying to play catch up.

Road work does NOT mean jogging. Jog & jab, cross, bob, weave....that will up your gas tank.

What supplements do you guys take before and/or after BJJ class

i dont use any thing before, but if you do make sure its high carbs low protine and low sugar.

ikickedem, why high carb and low protein, why not a close to equal amount, or high protein low carb?


because protine build up causes acid which causes mucsle weakness and fatigue.

Beware of advice from those who can't even spell protein correctly.

protein HAPPY pointdexter.

cool ikickedem, I'll deffinately keep that in mind. But I don't think that'll bother me too much because I usually take my protein at night before i go to sleep.