BJJ Techniques & Highlight Vids

We just upgraded to a larger server and know host 200 video files containing BJJ techniques, Highlights, closed door matches, interviews, etc..

glad to hear about the upgrade - you have a great site and now it'll be bigger, faster, better...


Hey Rick I have a question whats your email.
Brad McCall(

yo brad long time since i heard from you.. as i seen your little bro here and there.. anyways i dropped you an email as andy sent me your highlight clip... i will try to dig it up and post it..

Sweet!!! If there is any way I could get a copy Id be stoked.

its mixed in with surfing from the pipeline masters but i guess it goes well since you fought in hawaii... i will burn you a copy when i find and let you know.. i can give it to John the muay thai guy as he said he knows you??