bjj tourney in mass!?!? near my un

I just found that I foun there is a bjj torunement in mass near my uncles house I holy crap Im going this is in going be awesome

bob s you live in Mass?!?! wow cool a bunch of us are in boston.

let us know if you go to the tourney.

Are you competing bob? Tell us about your training regimen.

will Gavin be coming?

btw, are you referring to the tourney at Brandeis?

will there be any stick fighting? That would be wicked cool.

yea thats the one Im going and garvin mite go to I cant wait it going be nutz

hey bob. who do you think would wina bjj match between a python or a gorilla. i think that the gorilla may be taken down but the python will have difficulties to take the backs with the hooks in and will not get the 4 points...

bascially I think the gorilla is smart and wicked strong so it coud use gorllia strentgh and bust outof whatever the python put him in and put some kind of crasy gorllia lock on him so the gorilla would win thanks alot bob


that pic I drew is just soemthing that could happend at the tournament Im not say it will but it could because some of them guys is nuts its near my uncles house so I can ride my bike there to thanks bob

I should go get bob's Royce picture signed by the artist himself.

bob s, we'll be looking for you there. How will we know who you are?

He'll be the guy with Gavin, duh.

Bob, Ill be there, Make sure you come and say Hi.

Here's a question, what division and weight class will you be fighting in, Bob?

when is this grappling tourney?

May 1st Brandeis U, Waltham MA

Go to for more details.