BJJ university clubs

Hi guys

How does one go about setting up a BJJ club at a university? Any specifics to mention to sport admin?

Also, could you guys please list all the BJJ clubs you know. Need to show the sport admin guy some examples.

There was a huge thread with tons of clubs. I'm an instructor at Indiana Univerity's club (Bloomington).

The main thing we had to tackle was showing we're not the same as Judo, there is a demand, it's safe, and we're competent instructors.

Be ready for martial arts politics and an experience resembling getting your driver's license replaced jumping through all the hoops.

I'm the staff adviser for the BJJ at Michigan Tech University.
Every school is different in the way they are established. I
would go and talk with whoever runs a Student Activities
Office or whatever office that you have to visit and find out
their guidelines.

The University of Michigan has a great club and on their site
they have a bunch of college BJJ clubs website links.

Here is the address: