BJJ white belt vs. Judo black belt


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I posted that on a judo forum and got flamed, then banned. Good times.

Actually, that was BJ Penn when he was a PURPLE BELT in BJJ. He wore a white belt because it was a local Judo tournament and that was his rank in Judo.

This has been posted many times before, guys.

It is still great to watch ; )

BJ Penn is a bad ass but it is a, "local Judo Tourney."

"local Judo Tourney."

For a guy who would win a bjj world title 2 years later, he should have looked that good. Maybe even a little better.

no, just local judo tournament with someone who does not have a high level of competition experience, vs penn, who obviously should not have fought as a white belt..

big difference between the levels..