BJs "black belt" shorts

What company made the white shorts BJ Penn wore, that had the black belt printed on them? Gotta get a pair sent to Australia...

RVCA. On The Mat carries their own version, too.

yo ucan buy them at Nordstrom

i heard the mat battle shorts had a target on the back

thanks guys...

RVCA also sponsors Vitor and Hardonk

looks like they don't have white belt

Try this!

you son of a bitch, you sucked me right into that homo site, lol

nice work Towe.

wish i was a black belt so i could buy them

im a blue-belt but they arent for me, a dude i know that doesnt even train BJJ, so its the only black belts hes ever going to get. Hes actually a physically disabled friend of mine whose passionate about martial arts.

Anyone got a link to the RVAC ones?


I want a pair in a white belt

OTM has 'em Gardner

I thought they had one for every belt..Sporting a whitebelt is kind of gayh/

RVCA is the best "MMA" clothing company out there. Everything else is cheesy as fuck.


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I think you can get them off of BJ's website too.