BKFC Gamebred Bare Knuckle MMA tonight

Anybody watching? Looking forward to this. I believe it is on the BKFC App.

Someone watched Wotore and made his org here. Hope he does well.

I’m watching. It’s on BKFC app.

At work. Will watch replay later.

Production value on the prelims was so low and that first fight was such a joke, I was worried… but the show is great now.

The lack of gloves has been a pretty major factor in every fight. Robin Black is doing an amazing job as well. I’m a fan.

Yooooooo, that Brok Weaver guy is legit man. That post-fight was fucking amazing.
Dana, this dude says he wants on the July 10th card as a light weight backup and he’ll fight for free. This guy is a star, get this man in action, PLEASE.

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He is legit but he was in the UFC not that long ago, probably needs another win or two. I don’t think he won any fights (except for one by DQ).

Kind of lame main card honestly not enough standup wars I guess I got spoiled with the bareknuckle boxing and was expecting more blood. May have just been the overall talent and it being the first show but wasn’t overly impressed.

The most interesting person was Mahmoud Sabie 3 - 0 MMA. Olympic wrestler from Egypt, seems to have decent hands…at least at this level so far. He got win number 2 last week and 3 today, so still early days for him.

He won zero fights in the UFC and didn’t look great.

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Almost like people can get better with training or something, right?