BKFC Using Triller Payout to Sign ‘Every Free Agent Including Diaz and Fury

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Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) recently signed a deal with Triller which is expected to provide “more assets, more resources, and more possibilities” for promotion president David Feldman. And once that check clears, expect BKFC matchmakers to be targeting every single free agent on the combat sports market.

That includes welterweight sensation Nate Diaz, who is currently waiting for his exclusive negotiating period with UFC to expire. Diaz fought out his contract at UFC 279 just a few weeks back and won’t be talking to other promoters until early 2023, despite these recent comments from Bellator MMA President Scott Coker.
“Realistically, I want Nate Diaz,” Feldman told TMZ Sports. “We weren’t allowed to make a play for him yet because he was in that UFC window. This partnership I did with Triller, when this thing goes public in late December or early January, the funding is gonna be available and I want everybody. I don’t mean to sound that cocky, but I want everybody. I will be in the business for every single free agent that ever comes to market now. That’s what’s really gonna take it for us to blow up. We’re definitely very popular around the world. People know about bare knuckle. They know BKFC. They enjoy the fights. But one of two of those names I think really catapults us.”

Outside of UFC castaways like “Platinum” Mike Perry, no stranger to BKFC main events, Feldman is also pursuing some of the biggest names in boxing. While Tyson Fury was unable to talk turkey at this point in time, Feldman is expected to revisit that offer once “The Gypsy King” wraps up his current contract in the “sweet science.”
“We made a play for Tyson Fury,” Feldman said. “But, he has three more boxing matches that he’s definitely slated to do. It was a different kind of deal. I mean it was a deal where [Fury would] be involved in the growth of this thing and maybe get a piece of the company. At this time he can’t do it right now, but we’re gonna revisit that.”

Keep both diaz brother far far away from bare knuckle, please.


Can’t think of many things I’d rather see Nate Diaz do less.

2 things we wished we could see Rumble doing before his death.

1, Ko’ing Jones to win the LHW tite

2 Seeing him potentially Ko/kill someone in a BKFC event.

Diaz will lose badly in BKFC and he will lose badly to Jake Paul. He should try to fight Floyd. Floyd will carry him like he carried McGregor.


This motherfucker talks too much.

Too bad BKFC was not around when Butterbean was still fighting.

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Just like CB Dollaway at that press conference.
Motherfucker would shut up

well well well motherfuckers N8 is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee