Blachowicz calls Corey Anderson '2nd league' fighter, Anderson says he made UFC champ his 'broad' in first fight

Who would win a third fight between these elite light heavyweights?

Anderson has been nothing but boring and disappointing since his debut. And a once proud owner of the worst nickname of all time, as well. That alone is cause enough to never root for him

He gettin better.

Five KO/TKO’s in a row including his loss to Jan. TKO’d Johnny Walker, Manhoef, And Bader.

Lets see how he does in next fight. Could become the GP & LHW Champ in one fight.

Corey has been brutally ko’ed so many times. He left Bellator for more money but being honest I think he would have gotten ko’ed some more if he stayed.

He left Bellator? Does Bellator know this?

dan levy comedy GIF by CBC

You haven’t been watching him

yikes, I meant UFC

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Sorry, I was just being an ass. Lol

There’s definitely truth to that. I think I caught part of one of his fights, otherwise haven’t watched since he left the UFC. Sounds like he should stay in Bellator.

There’s no need for the champ of the elite league to comment on the b league guy who was cut from the elite org. What game is Jan playing here?

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