Black Belt Article

Go pick up the July issue of Black Belt magazine. There is a great article about Unconditional Survival written by none other than Scott Sonnon. Great job Scott.


Doug, thanks bro.

I also enjoyed your article Scott. Very well done!


If you can share--What happens to the book you
were putting together that had much of the same
material? I think you had coined it the Street
Fighter's Manifesto.



Nice article, the pictures were excellent, you look very professional.

Chuck, as most people know, editing nightmares consistently trash attempts. As a result, the I'm on the 4th generation of the "Sophisticated Streetfighter's Manifesto." I'm approx 5 projects behind this, but shall get to it by Summer of 03 for sure.

Thanks for the good words on the article and pictures. Special thanks to Robert Young, Black Belt Magazine Editor for all his help.




I understand. I am my 14th revision of my first
novel. I have been working with an editor from
Putnam for almost a year now, with no end in sight.

Good luck with it all.