Black Belt Magazine

I picked up a Black Belt magazine yesterday and realized one thing,traditional martial artists are some paranoid mofos.

Every article is about how taekwondo can be used for the street,than shows techniques that can be done for the street to end a fight.
Than it goes on to show what to do when the attacker's friends come in and try to jump you,with knives,baseball bats,chains,I and why you should never stay on the ground because blah blah blah.

In every article,every time,it always talks about how you should always be on your gaurd at all times,because you don't know when a gang will show up,or a true martial artist does this and should always be weary of any attacker carrying a knife because 9 times out of 10 there is always someone with a knife and you will always get jumped and WHO THE FUCK CARES?

I don't want to have to worry about "taking on 10 people with knives and guns and slingshots and frisbees" and all that stupid shit,I just want to do what I do you paranoid ass karate bitches!

I wanna headbutt,I wanna bite ears and gouge eyes and kick balls,armbars and choke holds and suplexes where I drop them on their head,I don't want to learn aikido holds to get somebody to drop their knife.

So in closing,I beg of you Black Belt magazine to please,stop with the lame kung fu street fight techniques.

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Ok,but did you read my post?