Black or Brown belts needed!

In an effort to always make my students better I am looking for Brown and Black belts to Skype with. Basically it will be going over video footage of my students rolling and making suggestions with me. I would be happy to pay obviously. Just want another person looking at stuff. It's always good to get a different set of eyes on the video. Phone Post 3.0

I'll be your huckleberry Phone Post 3.0

I'm sure plenty of better guys than myself will offer, but I would do it for free just to help with my own instruction evaluations. I'm a brown belt, I teach a beginner class on occasion at my academy. I've competed and done reasonably well in tournaments less prestigious tournaments but have yet to medal at a major ibjjf tournament. Teaching is something I've always gravitated a bit more to, and I've actually seen a big increase in my own game and abilities by teaching technique and having the opportunity to study jiu jitsu. The finer details have really come to the surface for me lately and further study is always helpful. Phone Post 3.0

Awesome if you guess are honestly interested email me at with your Skype ID or Google account for Google hangout Phone Post 3.0

Sent you an email. Heading out for dinner with friends but I'll Check back tomorrow. Prost! Phone Post 3.0

emailing now
(Relson Gracie black belt)

Pretty interesting idea and I love the open mindedness of it. I'd be interested if I can find the time to coincide my schedule with yours. I'll send you an email.

Jason. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks guys! Phone Post 3.0

Very cool idea! Phone Post 3.0

Open Mat Radio - Very cool idea! Phone Post 3.0
Still working on that other cool idea we talked about. Ha. Just a lot of data! Phone Post 3.0

I'll do it once....not sure if I can make a regular thing of it however.

someone forward this thread to Ari ASAP!

Gumby - I'll do it once....not sure if I can make a regular thing of it however.
Ha ha gumby... that's awesome. I'll facebook you! Or text you Phone Post 3.0

I'm down!!!

SeanRoberts - I'm down!!!
Nice. I'll message you Phone Post 3.0


SeanRoberts - I'm down!!!
A big thanks to Sean for helping me with this! He was a great help Phone Post 3.0