BLAF says they spend 20 million a year on fighter safety but

They are and many fighters and others have said so for things far beyond the eye pokes.

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I’ve heard many of the reasons but it’s usually from fans.

I haven’t heard too many fighters saying it and Wittman’s fighters don’t count due to conflict of interest.

By the way, has anyone seen these new ONX mma gloves?

They seem to have disappeared from the internet.

You clips have disappeared and no mention of them on the actual ONX website.

Cue Jake Shields.

Then you need to listen.

Many fighters have talked about the gloves and the way they fit causing issues with closing the fist or being able to grab things.

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The gloves are fine.

Does anyone have any actual statistics on eye pokes?

They barely happen.

Motherfuckers always bitch moaning and complaining about something on the UG

Name 3…

Eye pokes definitely happen, it would be great if they could be fixed, but in terms of fight altering eye pokes…yeah, I’d guess less than 5 times ever, so not something the UFC should have in their top 5 concerns.

It probably seems like more than it is but they definitely happen WAY more than they should. Especially in the UFC, which is the big show. It’s extraordinarily rare for me to see eye pokes outside of the UFC, and I watch a total of 5 organizations.

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I suppose I could go back and look for each specific instance but I have broken them down into a few categories.

  1. Eye pokes - Easy enough to explain as the gloves keep the hands in an open position. Jon Jones is the prime example.
  2. Problems with fighters being able to close the hand to grapple - The way the gloves sit on the hand it is very difficult to bend the wrist to close the grip. Gray Maynard spoke about this in a TUF interview.
  3. Wrist problems - Anthony Pettis spoke about this.
  4. Concussions from poor materials. Spencer Fisher is an example.
  5. facial cuts from glove construction. Randy Couture’s eyelid.
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None of those are real issues the deserve attention.

It’s legit not a real issue.

  1. Eye pokes are not common
  2. There is no glove that makes it easier to grapple that is better then the offical UFC gloves. I have tried them all, the UFC glove is one of the best. I am yet to try the ONX gloves but from what I can see you can’t buy them and they used to cost like $300usd so fuck that noise.
  3. Wrist problems? I have never heard this before. Non issue. Wrist issues come from the wraps, not the gloves.
  4. Concussions from poor materials? Come on dude that is insane. Legit insane. How can you prove that? Insane. Non issue.
  5. Facial Cuts? Non issue. I have never heard people complain about that.
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There are like 980 timea more eyepokes in the UFC than other orgs but about 98% of them come from the goat.

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Maybe put more burden on the officials to penalize the offenders?

So many guys out there are not habitually eye poking. How about the repeat offenders actually get meaningful penalties, quicker.

Maybe the gloves are shit. I’m not the guy.

There are officials. There are governing bodies. There are also guys who keep eye poking over and over again. Apparently it’s just not that much of a concern to the people who matter.

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The issue with eye pokes falls on both parties(ufc and commission) as well as fighters.

UFC could take charge a just make a better glove that keeps the hand cupped but that I don’t think will completely stop it.

The commission could make eye pokes an immediate point deduction. I think if that rule was in place fighters would be way more conscience about not doing it.

Right now eye pokes primarily happen when a fighter tries to push off a head or do it purposely to hinder the vision by extending out with their fingers up.

How many times during fights do get warned about having their fingers extended or up? Nothing happens and they end up eye poking someone anyway and they get a warning instead.

Jones constantly uses that tactic where he reaches out. It’s a tactic and it causes eye pokes yet it’s allowed because all he gets is a warning if it does happen.

I guarantee you, if you got an immediate point deduction for an eye poke, (even if it required replay verify) eye pokes would dramatically stop happening even with the same gloves.

Would it stop completely? No but I would bet it wouldn’t happen nearly as often or as severely.



You got me.

Now I KNOW you’re trolling.


2 eye poke issues in this UFC 268 fight already.

Dana…do something about these gloves!

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This thread was the first thing I thought of after those Jacoby eye pokes. Lol.

The UFC wants to be a top tier organization but they are using gloves that are 20 years old at least.

Every major organization updates it’s gear so that they are playing/using top tech using the best for safety but the UFC isn’t.


Another eye poke!


Fix these gloves!

The Pride gloves were perfect. I don’t get why they don’t just go back to using those. You almost NEVER saw an eye poke in Pride. Insanity.