Blake Frederickson??

Maybe somebody an answer this for me, maybe even Blake Himself, but I noticed on a thread a while back that Stephane had said that after Ouimet had gotten injured logically his first choice was Fredericskon to fight Goulet, but he was out of the fight game. Then I saw some of his posts and he says he was getting close to 190lbs.
The point is basically, Is he done with fighting or on a break? He has a bright future in the sport and has a great team and trainer. I saw both MFC fights and was impressed on how intellegient of a fighter he is especially at the age of 21.

I hope to see him back soon, but If not best of luck Blake.

Kosta T

Definitely agree....I'd really like to see Blake get back in the ring. He is a very dynamic fighter with a great future should he decide to pursue it.

Blake was on a comeback path but instead of driving to his gym he accidentally turned into a wendys late night drive thru, he's never been the same since...

Actually I think he is returning this year at 155, I've been badgering him a while to do so. =P


Thank you for the concern... to answer your ? though, I will be returning to the fight game this year hopefully in April/May. I took some time off to get some education, but I am still training,but not as much as I used too. I would still like to fight Goulet, but I know I'll have to climb my way back through the rankings when I return to get a shot at the title, If he even has it then., But you can count on that when I return I will be more determined and more vicious and I will get the strap one way or another.

and for you Hamzeh... I have given up on Wendy's as part of my New Years resolution. It's been 4 days and I'm goin cold turkey on that

Regardless if Blake gets the title or not, to stop eating Wendys cold turkey is an accomplishment in itself.

Blake might not even have to "climb" through the rankings in TKO to get a shot at Goulet. Not much has happened at 155 since the Ouimet fight. From what I know, Ouimet is still injured, so that leaves Blake and Bruckmann in the TKO picture left for Goulet.Fredrickson remember our agreement, I get the green funaki speedos:C

Another stipulation has now been added Chad. You will also have to sport the Mullet as the picture shows above.

if chad were to grow a mullet on that big head of his, it would put him in the super heavyweight division.

barry mcdonald