Bleeding from the ear.

Why do boxers sometimes bleed from their ears after taking blows? Is it bust blood vessels inside the ear or something worse? I think I was reading Floyd Patterson covered his pillow in blood after the first Liston fight.

last guy I saw bleeding in the ear was john brown against Steve Forbes in their first fight, but that was the outer ear, not the inner ear. I didn't know they bled from the ears after the fight, that is pretty scary. I remember Wayne McCullaghs ear was practically dislocated in his fight with Scott Harrison, but I don't know if it was bleeding or not either. If there was any blood in the ear, I'd probably want the fight stopped

yeah, that sounds pretty serious unless its from a tear in the outer ear

Tip top, pleez. I did a bit of reading and they say it's a common injury. It's either cauliflower ear bleeding, tears on the inside or outside of the ear, or, worse, cerebralspinal fluid!

egads, thats just sickening! Mickey Ward had a busted eardrum in his 2nd fight with Gatti, does anyone recall if his ear was bleeding?

the only time i ever bled from my ear was from a cartilage tear. IF i ever started bleeding from my inner ear, i think i'd hang it up

I'd just like to know what medically happened to Floyd Patterson! In "The Greatest" it describes him laying down for a nap after the fight and waking up with his pillow soaked in blood. I think I read this in other places, too. What the heck is goin' on there?

Maybe he's just really bloody-minded?