Anyone seen the new blitz with frank walloping George on the cover?

Really good article and a lot of info I bet no-one ever knew!


so is it actually worth going through the 100 pages of advertising and traditional stuff to read one article??

"so is it actually worth going through the 100 pages of advertising and traditional stuff to read one article??"

Is it ever ?



You certainly are a hard bumch to please. I personally believe that blitz have been really helpfull with MMA in Australia. They always support the fighters like SCHAFFA who was in recently, Sam too.

Also the features on randy, frank etc are great!

While the video games, find the ninja and movie related stuff has grown, so too has the MMA content.


blitz is shit

Yeah, I can be a pretty hard marker Justin, but every time I fall for a neat looking cover I end up disappointed when I finish reading it.

I will say it has to be one of the top 5 Aussie MA mags though, for sure.


Blitz is never gonna really please everyone here but I'd guess people would find something in grappling that they don't like or FCF.

I know that I have a lot of inquiries re XFC and the gym from blitz related pieces.


back to the point at hand. The frank piece is very intersting. Good to see they got a young Aussie MMA fighter in George SOTIROPOULOS on the cover too.


Just went out and brought a copy, I'll read it later tonight. I also got a second copy in the same bag :)

Its the copy with a big article of Matt Trihey in it. So I will give them both a read a bit later.

Haven't brought a blitz for ages. Your right there is heaps of stuff i'm not interested in and also a few techniques that are total crap in my opinion but Justin has a point as in there is a few Australian and overseas MMA articles in them also.

Just had a look at a few more technque workshops in both and there should be a law that says you have to have used your technique in a real situation 1st before sending others out to use it :(

Must admit though that the BJJ guys are some of the few that I think would work.

Love toi see the average Joe upper block a straight right hand.

And why the hell you would have your hands by your side when someone is shaping up and about to throw a punch at you has got me beat.

Frank is the man! Now I have to find somewhere in Tasmania that has it in stock :P

Read it last night.

He has done a real good job with a shitty upbringing and childhood.

Justin its a wonder you could get him in the country since a few others you have tried to get in couldn't get through.

Interesting read. Also as i said mine was packaged with another older Blitz and it was a very interesting read about Trihey also.

Talking about Blitz looks like they have a little stuff up in their mag. They have an article with the heading Schaffa to fight Forrester at XFC.

I thought this was a 4 man tourney and they would only fight if they both win their 1st fights?