blood and bone

little past half of the way through. actually a very good movie so far. it should have gone theatres before dvd from what ive seen so far

just finished it. very good movie. highly recommend. way better than that channing tatum movie fighting. theres a lot more plot to it

I know the people who made the flick, and from what I gather there were some legal issues that scuttled the film's chances at theater distribution. Something about one of the producers bolting with money.

Yeah well it took a long time to even get this movie to DVD.

fighting scenes were good but the movie is just horrible

i thought it wasnt that bad. it had a surprisingly decent plot. yes, the fight scenes were a little more theatrical but it was still good. it had the token asian sidekick. only complaint id have would be that head bad dude's acting when he's supposed to be mad, just the way he yelled was a little weird to me. but overall a good movie. inf0 and NORESPECT, you can at least admit if u watch the whole thing that it was better than Fighting? havent seen never back down yet but from what ive heard better than that too