Blood test

I was looking around and REQUESTATEST 1-888-732-2348   $79 for the "HEP Panel" + $39 for the "Add on HIV" They have locations all over. Does anybody have a better source?

Man go to the free clinic or the fighter should go to his regular Dr, and explain what is going on. And usuallu the Dr. says the fighter was exposed to Hep and AIDS and gives them a free blood test, although that persons insurance flips the bill.

The Calf Cruncher

3 fighters have requested the information, I guess they do not have insurance

Tell them to find the free clinci and they have to say they had multiple partners, Its free, but they will have to get counseling on safe sex. Im not kidding either. It works. Had a fighter that needed the same thing no insurance, he did it and got for Gladiator Challenge.

The Calf Cruncher

i have used Requestatest. results within 24 hours

Good place