blood testing for BJJ ??????

With all the talk about Tommy Morrison fighting while being HIV positive and risking other peoples health we might of overlooked something. Anyone who practices BJJ knows from time to time people bleed. Its not uncommon for people to get hit in the face or scratched on the neck, arms etc resulting in some or alot of blood. Just one drop of blood in your eye or an open wound of any kind can result in transmission
of HIV, HEP C, . Should we have blood testing in BJJ? If you knew a guy in your class was HIV positive would you roll with him?

I think this post should be directed more towards the no gi guys.

Wearing a gi way better for hygene reasons.

^ i train in a gi and have seen plenty of bloody noses and cuts on peoples faces. This is something most people dont think about.

^the thing is you dont know who is and who isnt. Did you know 2% of all people carry the Hep C virus. thats one in fifty. Think about how many people go to your school.

Would I roll with someone with HIV or Hep? No. I don't like rolling with
guys who have the common cold.

^ no, not full blown Hep C, but they carry the virus. your own body dictates the level you get to. Pam says he has it, should he be tested like Morrison? should we be mad at the Gracies if they let him roll with in that condition?

^^Im actually a Paramedic so I may be a little more informed on blood born pathogens than the average guy. I dont like peoples cooties so this is something i think about when i see blood in class.


"If you knew a guy in your class was HIV positive would you roll with him?"

Of course not. A person would have to be so mindlessly politically correct to even entertain the idea.

^^thats true, I was talking about blood getting in your eyes. for example, if you are on the bottem in someones side control you faces line up pretty close. If he gets hit and starts to bleed you might get some in your eye. remote but still possible.

fucked up to roll and not tell people you got the hiv

thats what im talking about everyone. Being a Paramedic im very careful. Hep C can live in dried blood for up to three months. how clean are the matts where you roll? If you think about it testing isnt such a crazy idea.

Two words: Hepatitis vaciniation.

no need for that just wear a condom when you roll