Boardroom Brawlers II: No luck for Shamrock

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                                Boardroom Brawlers II: No luck for Shamrock

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Boardroom Brawlers II: No luck for Shamrock

Ken Shamrock has been a danger mostly to himself since donning a promoter's suit and tie.

Continuing a weeklong series on fighters who traded in their gloves for a promoter's license, with mixed results.

Ken Shamrock
Résumé: Media-labeled "Most Dangerous Man in the World," a title held long past its expiration date; UFC 1 entrant who drew attention and ratings as late as 2006.
Brand(s): The World Mixed Martial Arts Association (WMMAA), a promotion that ran once, in Atlantic City, N.J., in 2001, and featured Shamrock winning a seriously devalued title belt against Sam Adkins; the recently organized Ken Shamrock Productions, which co-promoted a "Valentine's Eve Massacre" event in February. Shamrock, who fought gelatinous Ross Clifton in the main event, tested positive for illicit performance-enhancing substances and was suspended for one year.
Evaluation: For a guy with the power to veto his own matchmaking, the Clifton bout -- which resembled a banned and maliciously produced episode of "The Biggest Loser" -- was the lowlight in a career that has had no shortage of valleys.

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the atlantic city promotion where shamrock fought sam adkins was megafights 1; WMMAA was the organization behind megafights 1.

the show bombed, but it was interesting watching lions den fighters compete against local guys. joe hurley choked out peter kalejevic, vernon white defeated the late joe priole, and phil baroni raped some dude. eddie rolon was supposed to fight but the promoter screwed him.

Yea, I was at that show. Any word if they're ever gonna release it on DVD?

i highly doubt it.