Bobby Green vs. Pat Healy

Up next... I got Healy

War healy!!! Phone Post 3.0

I have Healy too.

I think green wins a close one, but this is the one I'm least sure of.

wow great fight...

Good opening round Phone Post 3.0

I think Healy gets the sub in the 3rd.

I really dont get why Green is so cocky after nearly every exchange, he's not exactly dominating....

"Green - very explosive. Healy - very durable" - Mike Goldberg

"Not a fast twitch muscle guy"

Just call him a white dude Joe

Green 2-0 maybe

1-1, I'm sure the judges probably have it 3-0 for Bobby already though

Hope Healy puts him to sleep in this round tbh

It's 1-1.

Green is slowing down

i have it 1-1

Did Joe just say Bobby Brown?

Healy needs a finish...he has done nothing to this point to win this fight..Green has basically peppered him all fight..

Card -

Did Joe just say Bobby Brown?

pretty sure he did because I was just about to ask the same lol Phone Post 3.0

but that's his prerogative Phone Post 3.0