Bobby Knuckles Says " Ego Cost Him Loss To izzy "

Bobby needs to change things up in the rematch, getting under Bobby’s skin wasn’t the only thing Adesanya called. He told Bobby his 2,1 lead high wasn’t going to work and Bobby still threw and missed with it a couple times.

He can do it, but a different approach is needed.

Hate the prediction

Unless I’m wrong like Jacare and Yoel, Bobby really creates something with a thrilling win! :raised_hands:

Guy is a stud and will make this thing worthwhile.

He is the only hope we have.

He was mentally psyched out before the fight even started. You could tell at the weigh in’s he wasn’t himself. He had a bunch of fake bravado. He was attempting to fake himself into thinking he was going to win.


I like both but Izzy via superiority, again

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I was pulling for Izzy in their first fight but I am pulling for Knuckles in the rematch. Izzy has turned out to be a jerk


Somebody already mentioned Whittaker’s biggest enemy, his weight cut.

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Will see if it’s excuses or the truth. Sadly I haven’t seen enough change that Bobby wins. Hope I’m wrong, izzy is a dope.

Bobby knucks is the only guy in the division I feel like has anything for Izzy. Not saying he will beat Izzy but if he doesn’t make the same mistake as last time and fights a smart fight he has a chance. I feel like it’s going to turn into a point kick boxing match.