bobcarson banned?

bobcarson/jon mccaffrey got banned? bwahahahah!

actually, this is good for him. he needs to be in the gym more training for his comeback.

attempts to read between the lines & discovers it's not working

jon, get back in the gym! the world of mma needs you! it's too bad all your valuable contributions to the 'nyc mma show' thread and the 'shelby walker' thread were deleted, but you don't need those distractions - you'll never beat jordan pergola by posting on!

im waiting.........

Shaq Daddy

bobcarson/jon mccaffrey, get back in the gym! TEAM STINKY needs you!

He should be, BANNED!

bobcarson is still a cunt though...IMO

To you or to the fighters that you troll/bash?


Isn't there a corpse that needs dressing or stuffing? Or maybe some teeth that need brushing?


"you have no right to criticize anyone"

But Bob Carson does? Give it up Bob/Jon/filth... nobody is smearing you, you are smearing yourself.

Go sue yourself for "slander"

Ignorant, racist, useless, waste of space!

After discovering a thesaurus Bob tries desperately to use temerity and convoluted in a sentence...

He fails almost as badly as when he was accusing people of "slander".

He also fails to spell temerity properly.

He also does not know what a troll is.

This is not going well for Bob.

i remember stinky boy,man his shirt stunk so bad that i would avoid rolling with him,modern day viking.didnt seem like a bad guy though back then but this was 10 years ago