bodog posters

i see all over that all you guys are looking for bodog posters. i got an email back from the site and it said that the posters were going to be up on thier site after the event for 9.99. the email from the lady said to just keep checking back. the store will be up soon she said.

also just so you guys know, there are ufc 67 68 and 69 programs on the ufc site now. and posters from 69.

THANKS! I'm buyin 10 of each......FP

Fuck! Cant the UFC do anything right? The 67's are "backordered" which means they'll never get fucking sent.....the 68's I ordered, and the 69,s arent available until later..... But thanks for the heads-up "Big".....FP


Thanks for the info

Damn joeson looks like you got a good deal from

I guess so. Time will tell

Hicks, email me.......FP

wha??? u have to pay???


Are they going to have any programs from the event?

cool I want a program maybe the shirt too.

TJ will you sell me one if I cant get one of the programs?

Anyone looking to get the Bodog posters right away, I have them on the site now - full size, mint condition...

I don't have moose antlers to pay for them, Cam. How much are they in USD?

Cam I wish I would have know about that poster I paid someone who shall remain nameless lol 3 times that for a smaller one.


LOL @ moose antlers - I also accept Walley fillets and hockey pucks...

The Bodog posters are all sold - evidently I underpriced them a bit!


Sold-Out already!!! Shit! Let me know if you get any more CM....FP

CM? Canadian Moran? That's not nice. He can't help it that he's Canadian

Damn, I'm finally able to decipher one of JM's posts, and it's a shot!