Bodog: "Undefeated Eddie Alvarez"?

In the last episode of Bodog Eddie Alvarez had a fight and both the ring announcer and the commentators stated that he was undefeated. I thought that this fight was pretty recent so why was there no mention of Alvarez's loss to Nick Thompson. Is there something I'm missing here or what?

time travel.

The fight that just aired was filmed in February and we fought in April. Moreover, the episode that aired concluded by showing our fight. So it made sense if you watched the whole episode.

"Is there something I'm missing here or what?"

His fight with Nick is his most recent fight and his only loss

If you were watching any fight in his career it is safe to say he was undefeated when he was announced.

Okay, my bad. I only watch the fights.

they did that to trick you.