Body Flow?

Would you recommend this book as a tool that would be beneficial to helping your game? If so, how has it helped your game?

Any opinions are welcomed, I would like to look at the book before I buy it, but I dont think its carried locally anywhere in atlanta.

ttt for your welcomed opinion!


I bet it's full of really big words...

As near as I can tell, it seems to be pretty heavy handed marketing that is used, so the content of the book really is left up to m ystery so far. It seems as near as I can tell its a set of exercises to help your body get used to being able to react effectively and calmly by conditioning you to the movements in the book?

Someone must have read this book or know something about it.


Body Flow is a book about learning body movements that you can use in grappling. Basically, you practice movements like shoulder rolls and other techniques in "kinetic chains" to improve your grappling technique. Whether it would be helpful to you or not depends on your own level of conditioning, coordination and available time to train. If your conditioning coordination are low, and you have the time - get it.