Body Kick

not sure if im doing something wrong. Heres whats happing every time i throw a kick to the body im always hitting shin to elbow, and to me thats worse than shin to shin. Should i adjust something?

To me that means one of two things, maybe both...

1. Your aim is off.

2. You're not setting up your kick first, so therefore your partner/opponent sees it coming and puts the elbow there.

If your aim is off, its just a matter of practice, practice, practice to improve your accuracy.

Otherwise, you have to figure out what to do first to create the opening. The ways to to this are countless, but 1 really simple method is to punch at your opponent's face first to draw their guard up and away from their body, then kick them in the abdomen.

ok thanks. its probably my accuracy. i set it up usually with a 1-2 combo

Make sure you "stick" the "2" and leave it there as you kick....

Any possibility of you getting this on video for us to look at?

 sounds like you're kicking up into the ribs as opposed to coming in from the horizontal which would catch him on the outside of the elbow/forearm and nto on the point. 

Im with Bull, sounds like you're kicking straight up.

i dont think im kicking straight up, thats something im very stuborn about. brining my knee up first then throwing the leg. i should get a video so i know what im doing righ and wrong anyway

videotape it and then post it

I'm with Khun. set up your kicks with punches to draw the hands up. Also, mix the punches up to show people something different "1,2,kick" is very common, mix your targets up to keep people guessing so you can find that kick. good luck!

 like others have said, come out a little wider with your angle if you are aiming at the arms/tricep area.

If you are looking to land to the body, then you really should be working on your setup.  Get the arms up and then fire the kick.....also, you may want to take a look at your timing.  Are throwing the kick at an awkward time?

...and all of our advice is still kinda moot until we can actually SEE your kick. :)