Body scissors legal?

There is a move from the bottom of the closed guard in which you get double underhooks and then just squeeze with your legs. I do know that a lot of muscular guys don't tap to this move, however, but the thinner guys often do.

Is this legal in all BJJ clubs and/or tournaments? Or is it dangerous to practise, like heel hooks and neck cranks.

I usually just change the angle slightly (turn sideways) and I'm okay. However, I once had a huge muscle-type do this right after I'd been to Indian buffet. It wasn't pretty....

I've never seen anything that said it was illegal. Should be somewhat safe as long as you can tap. I had it done to me in a highschool wrestling match where you can't tap. I had to just take it until I finally got pinned. It felt like I had an organ or something bruised for the last few weeks of the season after that. I had a pain in one side of my upper gut that ran all the way through to my back. It was kinda weird, but eventually went a way.

Lol @ Rene! :)